LED wristbands


Wristbands with LEDs shining during motion. There are 2 LEDs, that start to glare whenever you shake yout wristband. Ideal product for any outdoor world night events, concerts (hard rock halleluya), running, aswell as children. LEDband wristband ensures great fun while giving you the safety thanks to the high visibility during your various endeavours.

opaska-LED-biala opaska-LED-niebieska opaska-LED-czarna

Dimensions: 185 x 20 mm

Available colors: blue, red, black, white

Available LED colors: white, blue, green, red

Marking: printing


Optical wristbands with LEDs

bransoletka_led High quality, flat optical fiber, wristbands with bright LED light are a perfect gadget for exceptional events. The Ability to choose the LED light (white, red, gree, blue, pink, yellow and color-changing) along with engraving your own personal LOGO, makes your trademark stand out and focus all the eyes on the band bearer.  The wristband comes with a button to set one of 3 LED light modes – constant, quick flash and slow flash.


Band can be made with logo engraved, plain or smooth without.

Available sizes: 1.0*23cm(1.3*9.05inches).

Marking: colourless stamping on the wristband provides incredible effect during both day and night, print on the wristband emphasises the brand

bransoletka_led2 bransoletka_led4