SAFE CHILD ON VACATION – is a campaign we started almost 10 years ago. Campaign’s goal was to easily find children on the beach, near the lake or any other holiday place in case they get lost. In the beginning we approached Dziennik Bałtycki, our local newspaper, to take part in the campaign. Subsequently, we conducted a coversation with WOPR, our voluntary lifeguard association, and sponsors. Finally we managed to produce and distribute safety wristbands, on the whole polish wharf(seaside). In recent years we started producing “SAFETY CHILD” wristband. The aformentioned bands are readily worn not only in the seaside resorts but also on the playgrounds both in and outdoors.

Safety_ChildSafety_Child2 Safety Child wristband

We highly encourage You to promote our campaign by ordering bands with Your own logo, which will positively influence Your PR but mostly save many parents and children from the unnecessary stress of their dearest getting lost.dla-dzieci2

dzieci_VSP VSP Madium wristband

dzieci_RVSM RVSM VSP wristband


sureimage_elves Sureimage Tens Jr wristband